Treats for my Dog

Dogs are sometimes hard to please when it comes to treats. You can try the most expensive products but they end up not liking it. What they might like is not necessarily pricey at all.

A happy day with the favorite chicken tender.

We learned the hard way, we tried every possible product options in the market and only few worked but he gets bored after a while. One product so far is the winner among them all, the mighty Chicken Tender.

Max enjoying his chicken tender.


Indoor Ferns

Indoor plants add character to the house. Boston Ferns are low maintenance ferns. They love the morning sun but they can’t handle direct sunlight. Their leaves can basically tell you if they are happy or not. Yellowish and soft leaves would mean not enough light and burnt leaves mean too much sunlight.


A Happy Way of Life

What does most of us want in life? Is it all about the money, position, prestige or power? As the saying goes, too much of something becomes destructive so being able to find the right balance is always a work in progress.

When you wake up, you always have a choice. Deciding on your choice is sometimes hard depending on your state of life. But you can clear you mind and simplify things according to what will be the best to suit you. Life is too short to make it complicated everyday. Live like it’s your last day and set aside your worries and all the elements of the earth will join forces to help build that clear mind set. Yes, it’s easy to say than done and the journey might be long and windy road.

Living a simple life is always a dream for some. A dream that is very possible to do. Appreciating simple life’s pleasures is a good start. Admiring the colour of flowers, enjoying the birds singing, the beautiful trees around and many free things that you don’t have to pay money for.

Search for a hobby that can bring the best in you. Photography is my passion, it goes well with my flower collections and vegetable gardening task to gaining self sufficiency. Growing vegetables in pots makes me smile everyday. Watching the plants grow and harvesting the fruits is very fulfilling. It’s not just helping yourself but helping our environment and creating a small contribution for our planet.

Going through the pandemic in 2020 made me realised that no matter who you are, mother nature don’t discriminate. Reach out to family and friends at any time and express your love. Life is how you make it. It is your story where you play the lead role. How is it going to be? The choice is yours and only you can perform the way you want.


Choosing the right Dog for you

The journey of choosing the right breed is the hardest part in the adoption process. It’s not just about the dog, it’s also about you and your lifestyle. My husband and I decided to adopt a Boston Terrier 3 years ago and we haven’t looked back since then. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Things to consider which dog is the best for you:

  • Do your research about your dog options. Take into account the personality of the dog as well as yours.
  • Where you live is a great factor too. Whether you are in a townhouse, apartment or a house with a big yard.
  • The amount of time you can commit for a walk or exercise.
  • Go for a trusted dog breeder.
  • Checkout potential health conditions.

Meet our Maximillion Fancy Pants. He is a cute little boy with big eyes, chubby cheeks and tummy. It took us few months to find the right one for us.

Boston Terriers have a happy and cheeky personality. They are medium size breeds. They just love to chill with their owners and happy to just stay home. They get excited to go for a walk once in a while.

Enjoy the adventure and hoping you get the right one for you.